Handy Discusses Why You Should Fold Your Clothes


At Handy, we like everything nice and tidy. This means that you are going to have to do some things around the house that you may not like to do. One of the biggest complaints that we find with customers is doing laundry. We all like to put on clothes and go out looking great. However, when it comes to doing the laundry, we tend to drag our feet until the last possible minute. You know the feeling, right? You go to look for something to wear at 8 at night on a Sunday to wear to work the next day only to discover that you have nothing to wear. So, you have to stay up for a few more hours than you wanted to just to do some laundry. Then what usually happens is you hang up and fold the stuff that you need the next day and the rest goes in the laundry basket to fold later or sits in the dryer waiting to be folded. Well, we are here to tell you that this simply will not do.

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Folding Fast

While we may not like to do laundry, it is one of the necessary evils of daily life. So, when you do the laundry, make certain that you do the entire job and not just half of it. This includes folding your clothes the minute they come out of the dryer. While you may be thinking that no one has time for that, you have to make time for that. Laundry has a way of getting away from us and then you have to put off things that you really want to do in lieu of doing laundry.

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Why it is Important

As we have said, it may seem like you just need that one thing to wear tomorrow and everything will be ok. Then you leave the rest to fold later. Well, when you do that, you set in wrinkles. This will lead to you having to spend more time doing laundry. Most clothes will not get completely wrinkle-free just by setting them to dry again. So, you are going to have to at least toss in something wet so that steam will unwrinkle your clothes. The other option that you wash them again and then dry them again. This is a waste of not only time but money and water. You could always iron them, but when was the last time you ironed anything. Most of the houses we go to don’t even have an ironing board. Your final option is to have all of your clothes cleaned by professionals. That too will cost a lot of money and time that you said you didn’t have. Therefore, if you want to get your laundry out of the way as fast as possible, you need to make certain that the second that the dryer is finished, you are there with a basket and head off to fold it.

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Handy knows that there is a limited time in the day for people to do things, but procrastination will do nothing to help that. You will eventually have to do it or have to pay to have it done. In either case, it would just be much easier to just do the task right the first time.

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