Who's Performing


DJ Daganja & DJ Dudoo

DJ Daganja

Launched in partnership Positivoz Seal, Studio Rec FreedonSoul Choir and Rat Productions in November 2008. The drive behind all musical background that the artist bought in his experience with musicians of various styles of the city, is known to influence the samba, reggae, soul, dub, pop, roots and even the Caribbean, which mixed the strong beats of rap, do a perfect trail for his lyrics that speak of the streets, spirituality, battle victories, achievements, pain and love among other issues that are turned into rhymes by gangueiro concerned. Attracting media attention, as in an interview with Bocada Fort Portal, the largest site of its kind in Latin America, constant presence on the radio officer, notes and blogs and newspapers throughout the country.

This focus has paid off, as presentations in Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, in addition to a full schedule by the alternative circuit of Salvador. In 2004 when it was part of the group Testemunhaz, Daganja had his first phonograph record titled "Life teaches us" that was also recorded independently, with politicized lyrics and good beats that accompanied the rhymes, the album earned the group , great response from the public as one of the nominees for the title of best rap group of the north / northeast this year. In 2003 with the Afrogueto recorded a demo disc and the following year they recorded two video-clip, doing many shows alongside groups such as Rational, SNJ, Mv Bill, Charlie Brown Jr, The Haitian Vox Sambou among others.

He composed music with singers from other styles, with artists such as fellow Magary is a singer of Black-Semba, Victor Laran which is a salsa singer, and the band led by singer Psirico Marcio Victor.

DJ Dudoo

Specializing in Jamaican music and its ramifications worldwide, started working with music still in the 90s with the explosion of Samba Reggae and percussion bands that spread through the city of Salvador with the same intensity that led the payola radios capital.

In the next decade begins to further understand the Brazilian rhythms, giving special emphasis to the samba musicians started to follow as Read Minstrel samba bands and integrate Radiola, Zambotronic Afrogueto and, of that city's alternative circuit.In 2003 idealizes the Ministère Public - wandering sound system - the first sound team of Salvador and now specializes in reggae reference in spreading the culture of sound systems (soundsystem) in Brazil.

It works with the independent label "SANTA FE", where he releases his musical works.Currently devotes his time to practice peace, making music, listening to recordings and live.

Performance Dates:

October 22 on USA Pavilion Stage


Spawned from the very essence of music itself, and unleashed for the sole purpose of creating more, KorElement knows no limits when it comes to capturing the rawest of human emotions and translating them into music to move the soul. The sound of KorElement incorporates hard Hip Hop beats, hypnotic bass lines, Chinese instruments catchy hooks, and lyrics pertinent to all.

With years spent growing up on the east coast of America, plying his trade and collaborating with an array of musicians over a wide range of genres, KorElement constantly drove himself and those around him to better their art and produce sounds to be proud of. Now he is in the Far East making music about the happenings of his new locale, Beijing, China.

Performance Dates:

October 15 on USA Pavilion Stage

Jie Song Zhang

Jie-Song Zhang was born in Beijing, China, in the Year of the Monkey. As an international artistic director, he curated the Chinese contemporary art exhibition series Red Blood of the Dragon's Psyche in 2007, which showed in New York and Europe. He is also a co-creator and conceptual designer for Lagos Photo, the first ever photography festival/organization in Nigeria, on behalf of the African Artists' Foundation.

As as a musician, Jie-Song plays electric violin and is a vocalist for the avant-garde Hip-Hop group, the Stone Forest Ensemble, based in New York City. In 2003, he placed 2nd in the infamous Amateur Night competition at the Legendary Apollo Theater, and followed up with a nationally televised performance on NBC for Showtime at the Apollo. In the past few years, Jie-Song has toured internationally, always collaborating with local artists along the way - his most notable work as of late involves graffiti/street artists in Paris and visual artists and Hip-Hop musicians in China. His notable projects for 2010 include Emerging Face of a Nationless World, produced with the support of National Geographic's music division and featuring artists from across the globe who have come to New York, as well as local artists in Nigeria and ethnic minority musicians in southern China, amongst others. 2010-2011 will also see the release of Malaya, a single Jie-Song wrote and produced featuring Stone Forest Ensemble and Filipina star, Kitchie Nadal, to be released internationally by MCA Records.

Performance Dates:

October 15 on USA Pavilion Stage

Dancers Unlimited

Dancers Unlimited provides professional dance education and performance opportunities to dancers in Hawaii and also provides outreach programs to help develop confidence, artistic talent, and academic achievement using dance as a platform. Using dance as a vehicle, they collaborate with artists from all paths to make dreams opportunities. Dancers Unlimited is comprised of a multicultural blend of artists, who specialize in sharing culture through hip-hop dance. Performing at the USA Pavilion Stage and other venues throughout the month of October, Dancers Unlimited will provide guests with a fresh perspective on modern American dance.

Performance Dates:

The month of October at USAP


Imagine - if you will - a giant, mischievous cartoon kid - 9-feet tall! Steven Rohmer or “Rollo” (also known as “The Kid” and “Little Rollo”) comically dances, skips rope (yes, on stilts!), shrinks himself (it's true!), and tickles the hearts of everyone he meets. A seasoned performer, “Rollo” has performed at Euro Disney, the Cannes Flower Festival, appeared on several television shows in Turkey and has had numerous performance engagements around the world, including Japan and France. Beginning his entertainment career in Los Angeles, on his character, Rohmer remarks, “It’s a character I enjoy playing – it’s fun to regress to childhood no matter how old we live to be and I like to share that with an audience. I love to be funny while performing – I feel like I’m part of something big when I’m out there.” Beginning September 21st, Rollo's charming antics will satisfy Expo-goers' funny-bones as the latest addition to USA Pavilion Queue Line Entertainment.

Performance Dates:

Late September-Mid-October at USA Pavilion Queue Line

Rocky Mountain Ballet

RMBT has dazzled audiences by blending artistry and accessibility into a uniquely entertaining dance experience. The company has toured nationally and internationally from Montana, Idaho, Washington, to Chicago in musical theatre productions with Light Opera Works and to Austria on the prestigious Tanzsommer Tour. In 2007, the Artistic Director Charlene Campbell created the “Montana” program that included Fancy Dancer Louis Plant and Rodeo star Wade Black. They have hosted a handful of premier international guest teachers, principal dancers, and choreographers such as Leslie Brown (ABT and The Turning Point), Alexander Kedrov (Bolshoi Ballet), Fabrice Herrault (Paris Opera), and Ming Yan Cui Davis (Central Ballet of China).

Performance Dates:

September 27th and 28th at Americas Square 11:00-11:30,12:00-12:30

First Nations Dance Company

First Nations Dance Company (FNDC) was founded in 1991 by owner and director Richard Donaghey, who is an enrolled member of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma. One source of pride in the company is that they do not come from a major American city; First Nations Dance Company is located in Fort Defiance, Arizona, on the Navajo Indian Reservation. FNDC performs traditional Native American pow-wow music and dances which also includes the works of Native flute musicians. The tribes represented in the 16 year history of the company represent several tribes of Native Americans. First Nations Dance Company has been featured in a variety of venues, ranging from live theater performances, television, radio, and printed media and has performed in are Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, Algeria, and Turkey. Appearing at the USA Pavilion as both queue line and stage entertainment, FDNC will vibrantly represent the diverse and rich cultural heritage of Native American people to Chinese visitors to the Pavilion.

Performance Dates:

September Sept 30, October 1, 3, 4th at America Square 11-11:30am, 12-12:30pm

September 27th- October 6th at USAP Stage and Queue Line

Shanghai American School Marching Band

Shanghai American School (SAS) offers the expatriate community in Shanghai an outstanding academic program. The Shanghai American School has transformed a small, developing program for 200 students into what is now a dynamic, sophisticated and well-equipped international school that serves nearly 3,000 girls and boys from more than 40 countries. The very talented musicians from Shanghai American School Music Program both from Pudong High School and Pudong Middle School will be performing at the USA Pavilion at 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Performance Dates:

September 26 at Zone C Parade route 12:00-1:00pm

Street Art

Graffiti is art and street art can be interpreted as a human need for communication. Motives for producing this genre of art vary immensely, from artist to artist. The USA Pavilion will be introducing three artists who will provide a live demonstration of street art. These three artists’ motives come from their need to represent both their cultural and individual expression.

Performance Dates:

September 25 at USAP Stage 4:00-8:00pm

September 26 at USAP Stage 4:00-8:00pm

Shanghai Community International School

Shanghai Community School, Hongqiao Campus is home to the Dragon Marching Band, started in 2009 by Band Leader, Mindy Ruskovich. Members of the band range from age 11 - 16, and hold a truly international representation. The 100-piece band is made up of students from America, Korea, Japan, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, Italy, South Africa, Denmark, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Through community involvement, students from the Shanghai Community International School will be performing at the USA Pavilion in an effort to provide cultural diversity for Expo visitors. The students hope to offer a show that provides a better understanding of the world around them- one that visitors would not be able to experience back in their ‘home’ country.

Performance Dates:

September 25 at Zone C Parade route 12:00-1:00pm

Rainbow Dance Theatre

Founded in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1991, Rainbow Dance Theatre (RDT) has been based in Monmouth, Oregon since 2000. The Company has toured throughout the world, performing in Europe, Asia, the United States, Canada, and Mexico to widespread critical and popular acclaim. On the stage at the Americas Square, Rainbow Dance Theatre (RDT) will present “America Dances”, celebrating the diversity and commonalities of the people of the United States through music and dance. In three remarkable contemporary dances, RDT will trace the history of African-American culture with dances featuring movement styles from the African Diaspora (the roots of the African-American culture), an exhibition of “hamboning” and contemporary tap dance (with origins on the American plantation), and a work highlighting RDT’s athletic blend of Modern and Hip Hop (from the streets of urban America). Directed by internationally renowned dancer-choreographers Valerie Bergman and Darryl Thomas, Rainbow Dance Theater’s highlights the ethnic diversity of its company members through their varied choreography.

Performance Dates:

September 23 at America Square 7:30-8pm; 8:30-9pm

September 25 at America Square 11-11:30am; 12-12:30pm

Girl Scouts Day

The Girl Scouts is the world’s preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls—all girls—where, in an accepting and nurturing environment, girls build character and skills for success in the real world. In partnership with committed adult volunteers, girls develop qualities that will serve them all their lives like leadership, strong values, social conscience, and conviction about their own potential and self-worth. The USA Pavilion will host a troop of 30 girls; they will recite their oath, sing a song, and represent little girls everywhere!

Performance Dates:

September 22 at USAP Stage 11:00-12:30

Hip Hop Chicago

Hip Hop Chicago brings together 16 extraordinary artists with a vibrant vision to celebrate the best of Chicago hip hop culture with a fusion of music and dance. The group will present a showcase of authentic beats, rhymes, and moves that blend signature hip hop elements with American and international influences such as classical, jazz, blues, funk, house, acrobatics, breakdance, and kung fu. The artists come from diverse backgrounds, mirroring the cultural mix of Chicago, a city which prides itself for its diversity and immigrant traditions. A modern interpretation of hip-hop with diversity and innovation at its core, Hip Hop Chicago is a dynamic representation of modern urban music culture.

Performance Dates:

September 19 - America Square 11-12pm

September 20 - USA Pavilion Stage 4-4:30pm; 8-9:45pm

Otis Clay

Chicago has been the world capital of the blues, soul, and gospel music for over a hundred years. Not only has Chicago become home for performers from around the world as well as the destination for many great performers migrating from the south. In 2009 Chicago was recognized by the State of Mississippi as an important stop on the Blues Highway and placed a historic marker designating Chicago as a destination for many in the twentieth century as well as the twenty-first century.

Otis Clay epitomizes that movement of great performers moving north from the Mississippi Delta. Otis Clay became one of the premiere soul singers recording for Chicago’s pioneer record label One-derful in the sixties, who has traveled around the world from Europe to Japan. A performer who helped open up the the Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago’s Millennium Park to opening up the new Nambe Hatch in Chicago’s sister city Osaka, Japan. Otis is a long time resident of Chicago’s West side and now is helping celebrate Chicago Days in celebration of a twenty-five years of our city’s friendship with Shanghai at the World Expo 2010.

Otis band includes many luminaries with a history of playing with many artists like Tyrone Davis and the Emotions epitomize the sound that made Chicago world famous, the Otis Clay Revue.

Performance Dates:

September 19 at America Square 7:30-9:15pm

September 20 at USA Pavilion 5:30-7pm

Marshall Ford Swing Band

The Marshall Ford Swing Band is a rotating lineup of young musicians from the Hill Country in Texas who combine the traditional western swing with be-bop jazz and Texas blues. Drawing inspiration from artists as diverse as Nat King Cole, Bob Wills, T-Bone Walker, Django Reinhardt and Johnny Gimble, the band plays music that can swing a dance floor into a full tilt boogie or provide a Texas flavored ambience for any private event, be it a corporate luncheon or a wedding reception. Primarily a five piece, the band can strip down to a trio for a casually intimate event or fill out to a seven piece for a more formal affair. These young musicians have been playing together for the better part of five years, and have become a strong enough unit to support any extension of the group. The Marshall Ford Swing Band is performing as part of the Salute to Texas at World Expo.

Performance Dates:

September 13 at USAP Stage: 11:00-6:30pm

September 14 at USAP Stage: 1:00-8:00pm

September 16 at USAP Stage: 1:00-8:00pm

September 17 at USAP Stage: 11:00-6:30pm


Comprised of brothers John ”Lambo” Bowdre, James ”Armonii D” Kemp, and Joseph ”P.I.V” Kemp, are the highest aircraft in the sky of creativity and international musical innovation. Together, TheJetSet:3B defines cross genre infusion music with an intense global focus. TJS:3B has roots deeply grounded in Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock, and Electro Pop. Born in the inner city of Long Beach California and baptized in the fire of the heavy electronic and house club scene of Shanghai, China, where they currently reside, TJS:3B truly embodies their message of international tolerance and unification through music. TJS:3B infuses elements of country, pop, electronic house, dance, Hip Hop, R&B;, Alternative Rock, along with a myriad of international influences and sounds. TJS:3B goes beyond status quo to create a new genre, constructing songs that mix languages (English and Mandarin) in order to promote interest in cultural exchange. By creating a tool in which people can learn basic elements of another language through song TJS:3B has found their most effective method of education.

Performance Dates:

September 12 at America Square 5:30-8:30pm

September 15 at America Square 5:30-8:30pm

New York Rhythm City

New York Rhythm City originating from the Bronx, New York, Rhythm City captures the essence of Hip-Hop in rare form. In a world where style and music are constantly changing Rhythm City’s choreography remains innovative and unique, resulting in a group of individuals who express dance a style of their own. The dancers express themselves through different styles such as contemporary, krumping, voguing, popping, and more. They have traveled and competed nationally, internationally, and locally including making a television appearance on the popular show America’s Best Dance Crew. Rhythm City goes into all aspects the industry offering services as a booking agent and talent agency. Rhythm City has worked with Usher, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Russian Superstar Sasha, Lil Mama, Wyclef Jean, Neyo, Notch, Mariah Carey, and Dominique and Fuse TV, BET, MTV Tres, NBC, ABC, Nickelodeon, and ESPN.

Performance Dates:

Aug 17th at USAP Stage: 10:30-11:00 and 11:30-12:00
Aug 20th at America Square: 11:00-11:30,12:00-12:30
Aug 25th at America Square: 19:30-20:00, 20:30-21:00
Americas Square

PaperDoll Band

PaperDoll is an Asian American girl-fronted indie rock band from New York City. Rolling Stone said they “embody the defiance and joie de vivre that define rock music,” while MTV World described them as “Harder than The Killers and tighter than Pat Benatar ever was.” Their high energy live shows - featuring Lee's uninhibited front woman style - have secured them a cult following in the dance rock scene. They've been featured on MTV, The Today Show, Maxim Radio, and Blender Magazine. 2010 sees the debut of their album Ballad Nerd Pop and brings the band to China on their Global Citizens Tour.

Performance Dates:

August 10th at USA Pavilion Stage: 16:30-17:00, 18:00-18:30, 19:30-20:00, 20:30-21:00
August 11th at USA Pavilion Stage: 16:30-17:00, 18:00-18:30, 19:30-20:00, 20:30-21:00

Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale

Renowned for their commanding musicianship, intelligence and interpretive abilities, Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale has cultivated a devoted following worldwide for their highly acclaimed concerts and performances. Established in 1968, its achievements include world tours, recordings with internationally renowned orchestras, television appearances, and praise from critics and audiences worldwide.

The Choir has performed premiers of works under the batons of Maestros Ormandy, Muti, Mehta, Tennstedt and Sawallisch in concerts with the Philadelphia Orchestra. Riccardo Muti hailed the boys as "a treasure" at the performance of the concert version of Puccini's Tosca with internationally acclaimed soloists Carol Vaness, Giuseppe Giacomini, Giorgio Zancanaro and the Westminster Symphonic Choir. Each year, the Pennsylvania Ballet hosts the Choir as part of their seasonal favorite, The Nutcracker.

Internationally, the Choir singers have served as cultural ambassadors for the City of Philadelphia, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Nation, providing foreign hosts with a fresh approach to the image of American youth and an appreciation for new American music. Its message has been heard at the White House, by the Royal Families of Sweden, Denmark, England, Thailand and in over 30 countries around the world, including the People's Republic of China, Cuba, Greece, Ghana, Kenya, Russia, the Vatican and the democracies of Central Europe.

Performance Dates:

August 6th at America Square 11:00-11:30, 12:00-12:30

Chico Lobo

One of the more active guitarists in the trial of valorization and disclosure of the country viola in the world and Brazilian setting, Chico Lobo is proud to be a country composer and singer and faces the viola with respect of a virtuous soloist.

From Minas Gerais, native of São João Del Rei and rooted in Belo Horizonte, recorded diverse CD's, in its majority with own compositions. Chico produced the DVD Brazilian Popular Viola, first DVD of country viola of Brazil, and the idealization and presentation of the TV program "Viola Brazil", divulged in national net.

His charisma and talent make that his career arrived to the arena of Italy, Canada and Portugal, beyond important Brazilian theaters such as Canecão, Palácio das Artes and Memorial da América Latina, where narration, songs and viola solos are part of the exhibition.

Mário de Aratanha, artistic director of the recorder Kuarup, recollects: "Chico never forgot to thanks to São Gonçalo, the patron saints of the guitarists." The critic Marco Frenette, of the Bravo Magazine, considered him the creator of works that destroy any musical prejudice (Jan/2003), while Tárik de Souza, critic of Brazil Newspaper, classifies the artist as "guitarists of lineage, master of the notes cried of the instrument". Chico Lobo is, doubtless, one of the Brazilian's exponents.

Performance Dates:

August 6th at Americas Square 4:30-5:00, 6:00-6:30, 7:30-8:00
August 7th at Americas Square 4:30-5:00, 6:00-6:30, 7:30-8:00
August 9th at Americas Square 4:30-5:00, 6:00-6:30, 7:30-8:00
USA Pavilion Stage

Ori Mana Polynesian Dance

Ori Mana Polynesian Dance is based in Beijing China and led by Joyce Buangan. Joyce was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She has over 10 years of professional Polynesian dance experience and has performed overseas in France, Italy, Finland, the Philippines and Tahiti. Joyce has been living in Beijing since 2008 and began Ori Mana Polynesian Dance as a way to teach locals about Polynesian dance, music and culture, which is fairly unknown on mainland China. Together with three of her most dedicated students: Emily (from Beijing), Melody (from Songyuan, Jilin province) and Sun (from Seoul Korea), Joyce will present various forms of Hula and most of all, share her students’ growing appreciation of Hawaiian dance and culture.

Performance Dates:

July 24th 10:30-10:45pm, 11-11:15pm, Tzun Chun 7:30-7:45pm, 8-8:15pm
July 25th 7:15-7:30pm, 7:45-8pm, 8-8:15pm, 8:30-8:45pm
USA Pavilion Stage

Tze Chun

Tze Chun Dance Company (TCDC) creates and presents contemporary dance works that explore relevant themes such as identity, memory formation, and the immigrant experience. The company’s repertory consists of stylistically diverse dance works and multi-media projects. Each piece has a specific and carefully crafted aesthetic, often punctuated by poignant theatricality.

In New York City, the company has presented work at: Dance New Amsterdam, Dance Theater Workshop, University Settlement, The Flea Theater, The Tank, Triskelion Arts, Riverside Theatre, La MaMa Theater, Merce Cunningham Studio, The Brooklyn Lyceum, South Oxford Space, CSV Center, DUO Theater, Minor Latham Playhouse, and the 92nd Street Y. TCDC has also worked at Brentwood School in California and Milton Academy in Massachusetts, setting repertory, creating new works, and holding master classes.

TCDC utilizes newly developed technology and works with multi-media artists as part of its mission to approach themes from new modern perspectives. The company has collaborated with Blake Shaw, Peter Buntaine, Luke Harris, Kate O’Connor and Daniel Iglesia on past projects, films and videos.

Performance Dates:

July 23rd 7:30-7:45pm, 8-8:15pm
July 24th 7:30-7:45pm, 8-8:15pm
USAP Stage

“INK”dance Performance feat. Aly Rose

American and Chinese dancers come together to create massive modern dance “INK” to close the Shanghai World Expo Music Festival July 16th-18th at the Central Expo Outdoor Stage. Conceived, produced and directed by Aly Rose of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, this unique historic artistic collaboration for a large-scale national event is a first in China’s history.

INK is fast moving, abstract in its presentation, technically challenging, and substantial in size. It represents the combined talents of 25 American and Chinese choreographers and dancers through its 10-hour day, 3-week intensive creative process. Accompanied by an impressive and contemporary LED art show for a viewing audience of 2000, this groundbreaking performance is not to be missed.

Aly Rose is the Artistic Director of INK and currently teaches Chinese Dance and Heads the Dance Minor at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.She is the Creator and Director of the mass aerial production Human Architecture ONE. In China, Aly directed Phoenix, which was chosen to close the 2006 Dashanzi International Art Festival. In addition, she worked with Warner Brothers, to help produce and create, the world premiere of John Clifford’s Casablanca, the Dance. In 2003, she was the head-choreographer for Lady in the Dark, the first American Broadway musical to be seen on a Chinese stage. In 2002, she received her M.F.A. in choreography, becoming the first and only Westerner in the history of China to graduate from the Beijing Dance Academy. For the making of INK, she is honored to collaborate with dancers from the Shanghai Theater Academy as well as Jessica Harris, Brooke Broussard, Allison and Hayley Jones from the United States.

Performance Dates:

July 16th-18th at Shanghai World Music Festival (Greenland Square)

KO & KorElement

Kevin "KO" Olusola is a 21-year-old cellist who hails from the small town of Owensboro, Kentucky. He began taking cello lessons at the age of six. During his high school years, he became the Principal Cellist of the Kentucky State Symphony Orchestra, was awarded the David X. Thurmond Director's Award from the Kentucky Governor's School for the Arts for being the best young artist in the state of Kentucky, was a soloist on National Public Radio and also at Carnegie Hall for winning the Grand Prize in the 2nd Annual American Fine Arts Festival. During his time as an undergraduate at Yale University, he was a soloist a second time at Carnegie Hall for the Public Broadcasting Station/National Public Radio television show "From the Top: Live from Carnegie Hall," for The "Today" Show, and for the inauguration of the KY Governor.

This past January, Kevin was the Runner-up in world-wide renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma's "Celebrate and Collaborate" international competition out of more than 400 contestants from across the globe. Yo-Yo Ma commented that Kevin's cello/beatbox version of "Dona Nobis Pacem" was "inventive and unexpected." Kevin also received the opportunity to open for renowned American rappers KRS-One and Drake. This past year in China, he performed with the renowned Beijing Opera singer Li Yu Gang (李玉刚)for Beijing Television’s Spring Global Gala Concert, for Ambassador Huntsman at the US Embassy’s July Fourth Celebration, and collaborated with the Beijing New Music Ensemble to celebrate President Obama’s visit to China.


Spawned from the very essence of music itself, and unleashed for the sole purpose of creating more, KorElement knows no limits when it comes to capturing the rawest of human emotions and translating them into music to move the soul. The sound of KorElement incorporates hard Hip Hop beats, hypnotic bass lines, Chinese instruments catchy hooks, and lyrics pertinent to all.

With years spent growing up on the east coast of America, plying his trade and collaborating with an array of musicians over a wide range of genres, KorElement constantly drove himself and those around him to better their art and produce sounds to be proud of. Now he is in the Far East making music about the happenings of his new locale, Beijing, China.

Performance Dates:

Thursday, July 15th at the USA Pavilion Stage 6:00-6:45pm, 7:30-8:15pm

Message from the Commissioner General