Why Is Reputation Important?


While managing your reputation online is still in its infancy stages, more and more people are becoming aware that having a clean online presence is important. We can see this every day when we turn on the news. It seems that people and companies are putting their foot in their mouth more and more. So, this leads to a negative image of how people view that person or company. This is something that you are going to want to avoid. If you continue reading, we will explain exactly why having a clean digital footprint is more important than ever before.

The Importance

First, and foremost, it is very important for you to maintain a clean online reputation simply because people are going to look for you online. It used to be something that we did not have to worry about. You messed up and said something you shouldn’t, you actually did something you shouldn’t, or you witnessed something you shouldn’t, and no one would know. There were no internet overlords or millions of people that would see it. Today, that simply is not the case. You have to assume that every day of your life there is a camera rolling and you are being recorded. So, if you mess up, there is a chance that other people will see it. This is alright if you are talking about falling down stairs or other ungraceful actions, but you need to watch what you say and how you respond to people. What is all boils down to is reputation is important, because if you have a great reputation, you will have access to many things that others may not. You will have access to more business opportunities, if you run a business you will have access to better employees, if you run a company it will give it more credibility, and finally, you will have lower marketing costs. That last one can apply to both a company and a person. If a person has a negative mark on Google, you will likely have to pay a company to fix our online reputation.

Perception vs. Reality

The best way that we can describe this is that your character is how you actually are, and your reputation is how people perceive you are. This means it does not much matter how you actually are as a person if people think you are a bad person. There have been many athletes that people think are complete jerks but turn out they do a lot of philanthropy or other forms of community service. The opinion of the player never changes even given the new information. That reason is that when you look for information about them online nothing, but negative results appear.


If we have taught you anything today, you need to remember that managing your reputation online has become the most important thing in your life now. You need to make sure what you are putting on the internet and what other people are putting on the internet about you is the image that you want people to see. So, take down those pictures that you don’t want anyone to see anymore. They are private moments and should remain that way for the sake of your future.

Message from the Commissioner General